Our company has worked with a number of consulting firms over the years, including one large, regional firm. The HCCG team listened better, understood our industry better, and gave us better recommendations than the ‘professionals’ ever have. Some firms just deliver pie charts and platitudes; HCCG helped us find a way forward.
— Erwin Distributing Co., Inc.
I could not have been more impressed with the group’s enthusiasm and their ability to understand and research a subject that none of them had any experience in. The quality of the finished product was on par with what I would expect from a professional firm. The presentations were well coordinated, concise and informative.
— Bucksbaum Retail Properties, L.L.C.


The Harvard College Consulting Group uses an adaptable and customizable team structure and a mix of backgrounds and skills to deliver results. By combining several students with different skills, experiences, and academic backgrounds, HCCG case teams tackle each question from many perspectives. Each team is led by a Case Team Leader, who oversees the research and analysis of two Associates and three Analysts. Our technical and quantitative strength allows these teams of six undergraduates to support and test conclusions rigorously. Teams also receive specialized training once staffed to further refine the skills needed for the particular case. Our case teams typically deliver written reports, quantitative models, white papers, and other forms summarizing our work and findings.